Grantham and Stamford Election results

The votes have been counted. Conservative candidate Nick Boles has been elected MP for Grantham and Stamford.

“I think gaining the second position is a great achievement for us and I thank everyone involved in the campaign and all the voters.” said Harrish last night.

Clearly the Liberal Democrats have gained massive support in this constituency over the course of the campaign. We hope to build on this with the next round of District Council elections early next year.
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Apologies for any early confusion regarding the results.

The full results are as follows

You can make a difference! Vote Thursday May 6th

The campaigns are nearly over and on Thursday May 6th it will be time to vote!
Polling stations are open 7am until 10pm. You can find  your local polling station by searching using your postcode on the following site:

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Can Lib Dems win in Grantham and Stamford?

Infact they can win across the whole nation as shown by a recent Sun commisioned poll that they were too scared to publish.
The poll by YouGov found that if people thought Mr Clegg’s party had a significant chance of winning the election, it would win 49 per cent of the votes, with the Tories winning 25 per cent and Labour just 19 per cent.
The Liberal Democrats are angry that The Sun did not publish these figures. Lord Oakeshott, the Lib Dem Treasury spokesman, said:

“We always knew...that when people believe the Liberal Democrats can win, there is a big jump in our support. In 90 minutes in the first debate, Nick Clegg tore open the two-party straitjacket which has stifled British politics for the last 80 years. Now, at last, people can vote for what they want, not against what they fear.”

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Liberal Democrats perform at Grantham debate

Harrish Bisnauthsing, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Grantham and Stamford, was recently represented by Tim Fitzgerald at the Grantham election debate hosted by Grantham Business Club and the Grantham Journal.

The debate chaired by Grantham businessman Wade Rowlett also featured the Labour and Conservative candidates.

Tim, as Harrish's representative, spoke authoritatively on both local and national issue.

A main concern at the debate was the lack of local employment opportunities in comparison to the high levels of new housing being developed in the area. Tim explained how Harrish, as MP, would support Liberal Democrat initiatives to offer incentives for high-tech, green technology companies. Some of these already exist in Grantham and should be supported further in their development.

Grantham and Stamford constituency map - Are you in?

The Grantham & Stamford Constituency includes the following voting areas:
All Saints, Aveland, Belmont, Bourne East, Bourne West, Earlesfield, Forest, Glen Eden, Grantham St John’s, Green Hill, Greyfriars, Harrowby, Hillsides, Isaac Newton, Morkery, Stamford St John’s, Thurlby, Toller and Truesdale, , Ringstone, St Anne's, St George's, St Mary's and St Wulfram's.
Image produced from the Ordnance Survey electionmap service. Image reproduced with permission of Ordnance Survey and Land and Property Services